HTML by exercise

Welcome to the HTML by exercise course. Here you will learn about HTML by doing exercises. If you follow this course, you will gain a lot of practical experiance.

How to start

  1. Go to the menu > Programming > SciTE Text Editor

    This is a editor to write programs with. SciTE is able to recognize if you are doing HTML and can help you a bit with it. If you save your document with the ending .html then SciTE will start to highlight all your code. It will mark the tags but also if you do some spelling mistakes in the tags or keywords. Use this as a help. If something is red, then there migth be a mistake. If the colouring does not look as it normally does, then you might have forgotten to close a bracket. You will get more experience with this program.

  2. Open one of the exercise files below

    Start with the first one. The files will open in a new tab in this webbrowser. Read through the files and try to do all the exercises as good as possible. If you have any trouble with the exercises or you do not understand the explanations, ask a teacher.

  3. Open your own file that you have created in the first step in the webbrowser

    Open the file manager and navigate to the folder where you have saved your file. Open a new tab in this webbrowser and drag-and-drop the file into this empty tab. You can now see everything you are doing in your HTML document.

  4. Place the SciTe and the webbrowser next to each other.

    If you are programming, it is good if you can see both the code and the result of your code at one glance. So resize the webbrowser so that it is about half as wide as your monitor. Then resize SciTE so that it takes the other half of your monitor. You should now be able to see both your code and the webbrowser.

The exercises

Here are the exercises. Go through them one by one and read carefully all instructions. Try to solve them as good as possible. If you have any questions, ask a teacher.
If you have finished all exercises in one file, call for a teacher to see if your solutions are good before you continue with the next example file.